Girl’s Night Out & Cd Release Party!

Just getting set up for CD Release party and Girl’s Night Out!! Keora Aveda Salon and Spa h600-1488_qtpage_newspaper_4C_BVI_Coke_ProcessBuildas announced their Aveda products (which rarely are on sale are 20% off for our Girls and Girl’s Night… if you love Cynthia McDermott ‘s amazing hair she uses these products!!!!!!!) Also pleased to announce Spirit Star Creations…. so amazing! Kelly Ann Scott – Rodan & Fields Canada, Passion Parties and so much more!!!!! FREE … oh yes, this event is sponsored by Colio Estates Winery famous for “Girl’s Night Out” wines!!!! YAY WINE!!!! Prizes, raffles!! Don’t forget this event is for a great cause WILB (Women In Law Build) is our sponsored charity… enter the draw to win and support a great cause!!

Enter A World Of Magical Essences ~ Enchanted Oils Part Two

June 15, 2015 enter further into the realm of magical essences…

This will be a night where energy is harnessed and manifestation continues! Come out and learn about some of the more advanced techniques for crafting your own magical oil creations. Sample different essences from around the globe. Learn about rare and costly oils and what makes some oils so valuable. Learn how different essences can create change in vibrational energy and can influence things like healing, prosperity, intuition and psychic abilities. Green Eyed Raven 3

Work with Rhonda Pavlovich as she shares advanced techniques for empowering and charging your magical creations taking your manifesting to an all new level!

Check out all of our other fab events website calendar 29661

This class will fill up quickly and we will add a second date if need be. You MUST have taking Enchanted Oils Part one to attend this class.  Be sure to register early. Cost for this class includes all supplies and handouts. $30.00 includes essence to take home.

Call to book 905 385 7251.

CD Release Party! Crystal Ascension ~ Rhonda Pavlovich & Micheal Moon

Saturday, May 30th 12pm to 4 pmcdfinal

Finally after all of the years waiting it is here… Crystal Ascension is a Guided Meditation Cd that truly reflects my vision and I am so grateful to Michael Moon for his brilliance in all aspects of this journey. Every time you listen to this powerful Cd you will have no doubt that it was made in a very unique way. You will experience deep emotional healing, connecting with meditation in a way that you may never have before.

There were no computer generated instruments, nor synthesized melodies, what you are listening to is a cd 4Aguided meditation concert recorded live at The Temple of Sound. This entire CD is composed using Crystal Singing Bowls, world instruments and crystal healing/reiki energy. This magical experience will profoundly move you every time you listen and you will feel yourself transported to deep relaxation where you will meet your guides, your angels, balance and align your chakras and raise your personal vibration. A special meditation is included for those who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks.

Fundraiser For Nepal ~ *New* Clothing From Nepal/Meditations/Concerts

Saturday, June 13th  12 to 7pm and Sunday June 14th  1 to 6pmnepal

Don’t miss the most incredible weekend for a great cause!  We are holding this event at Olivet United Church, 40 Empress Street in the Church Auditorium.

SO many exciting things going on you will want to take part in all!  Both days there will be over 2000 brand new and super funky clothing items for sale from Nepal (some of the proceeds going to Nepal) and ALL profits from ticket sales will be going to Nepal! This is the new clothing line we are pleased to be carrying in White Flame Company as of June 15th.  Super quality and funky, eclectic designs mean you tomwill want to shop this event!  Clothing starts at just $10.00 for items that retail up to $60.00!!

Saturdays line up includes two concerts MMoon01afrom Michael Moon (performing selections from his brand new CD!) and a special unplugged session with special guest Tom Wilson!

Sunday will be equally as amazing with meditations and guided meditations 20 minutes each hour from 3 to 6 pm concluding with a meditation class with Grand Master Akeshi Sueyoshi, Shuendo Monk from Japan and Andrew Bray of Energy Awaken and Rhonda Pavlovich of White Flame Company. Tickets are just $25.00 for the day or $40.00 for the whole weekend… this includes access to ALL meditations/workshops/concerts… psychic readings and energy healing will also be available for a small donation ALL monies for services going to Nepal as well!!  Tell your friends, join and share our event page on Facebook… let’s all make a difference!!  Tickets available May 30, 2015 at which Flame Company or at the door… Shopping the clothing sale is FREE wristbands required for all classes and concerts.


It’s Here…You’ve Been Waiting All Year! Girl’s Night Out!

That’s Right!  Saturday, May 30th At White Flame Company
Come Join In The Fun!  4-8pm

A great night out for the Girls!  Refreshments (yes, I mean wine), prizes, vendors, fun and a giftgrass for all who attend!  Did I mention WINE? Girl’s Night Out is sponsored by Colio Estate Wines…featuring “Girl’s Night Out” wines!

This event is for Girl’s ONLY (any boys who wish to attend must wear a grass skirt and coconut bra!)

There will be great people to meet and network with, bring your business cards and get ready to mingle with other great Gals in our local community!   We have amazing door prizes from each of our vendors and raffle prizes you will love!  Included in this year’s line up is Distinctly Tea, Keora Aveda Salon. Silverlove Creations, Ammolite Fitness, Primerica, and many more TBA!

Girl’s Night Out has become a tradition we are proud of.  In recent years we have partnered with women working toward a great cause, a great cause connected with women in our community.  This year we are proud to be working with Women In Law Build.  Women In Law Build is a not for profit organization that has partnered with Habitat for Humanity (H4H) Hamilton and has agreed to build an affordable home for a deserving family. H4H is a hand up, not a hand out.  There will also be draw for the charity and 100% of that draw will go to the WIL Build.

It is free to attend, please call to book your places though as we cap our evening and are always sold out for this great event!  905 385 7251 to register!

Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides with Dr Steven Farmer

Exploring Shamanism , June 9th, 2015, 7 – 10pm
Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides June 10th, 2015 7 – 10pm11227464_10152903909111491_1439242779_o

with Dr. Steven Farmer

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice that has existed in some form for at least 40,000 years, evidence of which has been found on every continent. Through the use of drumming, rattling, dancing, singing, or a combination of these, the shaman enters into an altered state of consciousness that allows him to travel to the spirit world of non-ordinary reality (NOR). Dr Farmer 2There he seeks guidance from his helping spirits for healing others and relieving suffering.

In this workshop you’ll learn what shamanism is, its practices, and how to apply its concepts to you daily life and spiritual belief system. You’ll learn how shamanic healing works, as well as learn how to do the basic shamanic journey and discover your main animal spirit guide, your power animal, by journeying to the NOR.

Please bring a bandanna or scarf, a drum or rattle (if you have one), a blanket, and a notebook and farmerpen to take notes and record your experiences. We’ll have a few drums and rattles available if you don’t yet have one.

Dr. Steven Farmer is a world-renowned author, Master Teacher, licensed psychotherapist, Earth Magic Practitioner, and Shamanic Healer. He has published several best-selling books and other products, including Animal Spirit Guides, Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals, Power Animal Oracle Cards, Earth Magic®, Earth Magic® Oracle Cards, Sacred Ceremony, and the recently released Children’s Spirit Animal Cards (with Jesseca Farmer) and Children’s Spirit Animal Stories CDs that have inspired many. He offers a wide range of workshops on Earth centered spirituality and related topics as well as private Shamanic Healing sessions and Earth Magic® and Power Animal Intuitive Readings.

Dr Farmer’s Books, CD’s and decks are now available in stock at White Flame Company don’t wait till the last and risk them being sold out! Dr Farmer will be available for book signing!

Cost for this amazing class is $70.00 Seating is VERY limited! Spots will not be held without pre payment.

Messages From Your Spirit Guides, June 10th, 2015  7pm – 10pmstevenhi-res(1)


Spirit is continually communicating with us, whether through visible or nonvisible beings, even emanating from the Natural world. One of the most powerful and accessible ways you can discern and interpret the meaning of these communications is through animals serving as spirit guides

Dr. Farmer will show you how to readily connect with animal spirit guides and teach you how to Dr Farmer 3discern their messages to you. He’ll also demonstrate how to use his oracle cards, including his Power Animals, Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides, and his new Earth Magic® oracle cards as a way to find guidance for your concerns about career, relationships, or any other aspect of your life. Dr. Farmer will also teach participants how to do animal spirit guide readings using the oracle cards, as well as conduct a few random readings with audience.

Dr Farmer’s Books, CD’s and decks are now available in stock at White Flame Company don’t wait till the last and risk them being sold out! Dr Farmer will be available for book signing!

Cost for this amazing class is $70.00 Seating is VERY limited! Spots will not be held without pre payment.,

LightBody Activation & Intuitive Awareness

Friday, June 5th, Join Andrew Bray Of Energy Awaken For This Amazing Class

Lightbody Activation/Intuitive Developmentandrew

This is an ascention/lightbody activation meditation and intuitive development exercise. The exercise may be mediumship, energywork or other awareness building activity. This time is dedicated to experiencing sacred space, personal growth and healing. Those new to finding their path and experienced travelers alike are welcome.

Connecting to your Angels In the “Connecting to your Angels – Allowing Help from Above” workshop, participants will have the opportunity to enter into sacred Aura Imaging 2space and experience the powerful loving energy of angels. Andrew will lead 3 separate meditations. The first is to raise the vibration of the circle, the second will call in the energy of arch angels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, and the third will call on the energy of one of your Angels. The workshop includes meditations, exercises and an experience of the Energy Awaken energy.

Affordably priced evening $20.00 prepaid (please call to register spaces are limited). 905 385 7251

This is a popular class and tends to fill up quickly please call to book your spot today!