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Whether corporate, family or personal, White Flame Company custom gift sets are the tasteful alternative to choose. We can combine our unique and handcrafted products with something your company is promoting, mix up a gift set just for you with your client’s favourite wine, gift voucher or small item that you have selected elsewhere – even theme a gift set by colour, fragrance or meaning!

Like to add that personal touch? Wander our newly expanded store and hand select items for that special someone – then leave it to us to wrap and beautify your holiday purchase. Want easy this shopping season? Try one of our best selling gift sets like our “Relax the Mind” set which includes our own hand-crafted aromatherapy candles, a meditation CD, singing bowl and crystals. Or try the “Home For The Holidays” – a traditional gift set with holiday themed candles, gift ware and flameless candles!

Embrace The Season ~ The Legend Of Bayberry

Now in stock our famous, traditionally hand poured Bayberry candles!  Available in Tealights, Votives, Simmers, Jars and Pillars.  These fabulous highly scented candles are highly antbayberry-candleicipated all year and are the PERFECT gift for the holidays!
The Legend Of The Bayberry Candle

The first settlers on our shores found Bayberry bushes and used the berries to scent the candles they made from
tallow – animal fat.

It did not take long before they discovered that bayberries, when boiled, give off an oily residue and this waxy oil would rise to the surface of the water.  this would be skimmed and saved to make candles.

It took a great deal of berries to make just a few candles so they were treasured and only used on special occasions. This also began the long tradition of bayberry being associated with prosperity and wealth.   It became tradition to burn the Bayberry candles on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve to bring blessings of abundance in the coming year.

Light your bayberry candle on the eve of the holiday of your choice, or on all of them, and continue …“The Legend Of The Bayberry”

Crystal Healing Level 1 ~ Learn To Heal With Crystals

Sunday, January 11th, 2015   Noon ~ 5pm
Level 1 Crystal Healing ~Introduction To Healing With Crystals
Instructor ~ Rhonda Pavlovich

If you love crystals and gemstones and have always wanted to learn more, come spend the day with Rhonda Pavlovich and learn some of the basics and techniques of Crystal Healing.

With over 30 years experience with Auralite 23Crystals and Gemstones you will learn many techniques and healing tips that can enrich your daily life as well as start you on a path that might lead to an exciting journey in the healing arts!

In this day long intensive will be covering many of the basics of Crystal Healing as well as some more advanced layouts and techniques making this the perfect course for both beginners and practitioners in modalities of healing like Reiki and Massage therapy.

This course is very comprehensive and includes a training booklet Green Eyed Raven 4and certificate of completion.  Bring a friend and take advantage of our introductory offer of $100.00 OFF.  Course is regular $250.00 if coming on your own…or team up and two people attend for $150.00 each.  So tell a friend, family member or co worker and we will see you on the 13th!  Must reserve your place with a non refundable deposit.  If this class is difficult for you financially please ask about payment options we may be able to find a partner for you and this would allow you to take advantage of the 100.00 off or we can arrange deferred payments.  Call 905 385 7251 to book.

The Spirit Of Christmas! The Ultimate Holiday Season Candle Available Now!

This Christmas season we wanted a candle that would do more than leave a lovely aroma.  We candleswanted a candle made with a fragrance to elevate the mood, relax the tension and bring peace and harmony to the home.

This holiday season we bring you “The Spirit of Christmas”.

We have been innovators in the fragrance industry for many years and have brought you incredible candles year after year.  This year, my Dad was awarded the Reader’s Choice Platinum award,  voted number one amongst small and corporate candle manufacturers and we are VERY proud of him! His wish for everyone this holiday season was to bring some love, health, healing and peace into your homes.  We have made a candle to help with this small prayer… from our hearts to yours.  Merry Christmas!

*FREE* Crystal Healing For The Whole Family! ALL AGES!

Sunday January 4th, 4pm
Bring The Family!  Green Eyed Raven 4

A great class focusing on stones to help boost relaxation, restful sleep and reduction of anxiety. Join master healer Rhonda Pavlovich as she teaches about her passion ~ Crystal Healing.  This event is an ALL AGES event!! Crystals and stones to help bring healing, love and transformation into your life. This class is *FREE* but spaces are limited please be sure to enroll early and notify of cancellation as we will have a waiting list.Everyone attending will get a *FREE* sparkly crystal!

Crystal Healing Stone Of The Week ~ Selenite, The Stone Of Angelic Communication

A Stone For Psychics, Intuitives and Healers!  selenite 3

Whether you are already on this path or are guided to learn more, Selenite is the stone to help you along your way!  A beautiful stone that works like a fiber-optic cable linking you to your Angels and Guides.

Selenite is a stone that gives off a calming peaceful energy.  It helps to reduce anxiety and fears (combine with rose quartz and green tourmaline for a great mix to fight panic and anxiety in a big way!!)

Selenite is associated with the moon selenite 1and her energies, named after the moon Goddess Seline this stone awakens your third eye and enhances your intuitive abilities.  Available now in jewelry, spheres, pendulums,  bars, loose and lamp styles.

For those of you attending the Crystal Healing Level 1 class on Jan 11th or Feb 8th you will learn to use selenite to remove negativity and blockages from your life in a way that is gentle yet powerful in a transformational healing practice that can help propel you forward in your life, your path, your destiny…feel like you are being held back?  You will learn how to harness your own energy!  Call to register today!  905 385 7251.

Solstice Medicine Flute Healing Sampler

Solstice Healing Sampler ~ An Evening with The Spirit Bear Flute  –  Onikonra/mind   Friday December 19th 2014 7pm- 9pm $30.00 Doug

Doug Doolittle, a bear clan Mohawk of the Grand River Territory and healer/medium Kelley Hoyt create an evening of balance, attunement, and enlightenment. Bringing you a flute meditation to help you cleanse your chakras, balance your life and expand your spirit kelleywith a guided medicine hunt and guided flute meditation.  You may find you will just be completely relaxed and connected to yourself with an hour of guided meditation and with the love of the Bear Spirit Flute.  A special Solstice Smudge will be available for purchase.

This class will book quickly so call to book 905 385 7251.