Meditation Monday ~ Malas, Mantras and Sound Healing

Monday September 15th at 7pm   Cost $20.00 Call to register

Join us for Meditation Monday energy share and meditation evening.  The evening will be filled with Love-Beadsvibrational sound healing and exercises to develop your own abilities and experiences with meditation.  We will be using malas and mantras and if you do not have one one will be loaned to you.  There will also be some fabulous old malas on sale I picked up in New England this past week.  This class will be a continuation of the Malas and Mantras class we did with Akeshi Sueyoshi (we did promise him we would practice for his return in the fall of this year!).  If you have a mala, or drum please bring them along this will be an amazing energy class!

Affordably priced evening $20.00 prepaid  (please call to register spaces are limited).  905 385 7251.

Sacred Smoke ~ Smudging, Purifying and Energy Clearing

Friday, September 5th,  7pm
Journey Though Essences Of Times Past

A great class exploring the many types of incense and smudge that are available todsmudge workshopay.
Learn smudging ceremonies, create your own custom smudging blend and discover the age old mystical properties of the different herbs used in smudging. This is a great class where you are taken on a guided meditation journey through various ancient rituals and practices and develop a relationship with the essences and their vibrational energies ~ from the spice trade to the cottage of the wise woman connect with your inner Shaman in this exciting class booking now! Cost including materials for creating your own custom blend is $25.00

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Introduction To Crystal Skull Healing

Introduction To Crystal Skull Healing
Wednesday, September 10th, 2014,  7pm ~ 9pm  $25.00

This is an introductory class touching on the different aspects of Crystal Skull Healing that are taught in our Advanced Certification Course.  We will explore the ancient stories from different traditions around the globe pertaining to Crystal Skulls and their ancient healing properties.  This class will feature a Crystal Skull Guided Meditation and some wonderful healing layouts.  Bring your Crystal Skull or connect with one of ours!  We have over 150 Crystal Skulls in stock in over 50 types of crystal or gemstone.

Crystal Skulls have been dated back to ancient times as valuable and potent healing tools.  They are found around the globe, in most every culture and religion.   Pop culture and the media have often misled people by portyaying skulls as a symbol of darkness and negativity when in fact, crystal skulls and skulls in general are often found in religious art, on religious altars and in museums around the world.  Skulls are an ancient symbol of healing and transformation.  Learn more about how these powerful tools have been accredited with healing disease, connecting energy grids and aiding in global meditations around the planet.

This class will book up quickly call or text 905-870-6500 to hold your place.

Unblocking Your Psychic Self ~ Discovering Your Hidden Gifts

Spend The Day Learning How To Hone Your Psychic Skills
Sunday, September 14th, 2014   12-5DVD 1A

Maybe you have come to me for a reading and thought, I would love to do psychic readings for a living.  Maybe you are one of the people who have been born to this path and have always known you had this “gift” but don’t know where to start.  Maybe you have started doing readings for friends and family but are lacking confidence to move forward with this path beyond the comfort of your own parlor.  If any of these sound familiar then this is the class for you! A five hour long intensive on unblocking your psychic self!

In this intensive we will focuwaterscryings on how to do psychic readings, especially the old and mystical methods of divination which have become lost arts.  You will learn to do ceremancy (melted wax divination), scrying (crystal ball reading), card layouts simple and advanced, pendulum readings including charts and the ancient art of rune stone readings.  All supplies will be included in the cost of this class and will include a set of rune stones, a deck of oracle or angel cards and a white candle, a manual and a certificate of completion.  You will be loaned a crystal ball for use at the class there will be balls available as well for sale.  Fee for class including gemstone rune stones and oracle deck is $190.00

Crystal Healing Level 1 ~ Learn To Heal With Crystals

Saturday, September 13th, 2014   Noon ~ 5pm
Level 1 Crystal Healing ~Introduction To Healing With Crystals
Instructor ~ Rhonda Pavlovich

If you love crystals and gemstones and have always wanted to learn more, come spend the day with Rhonda Pavlovich and learn some of the basics and techniques of Crystal Healing.

With over 30 years experience with Auralite 23Crystals and Gemstones you will learn many techniques and healing tips that can enrich your daily life as well as start you on a path that might lead to an exciting journey in the healing arts!

In this day long intensive will be covering many of the basics of Crystal Healing as well as some more advanced layouts and techniques making this the perfect course for both beginners and practitioners in modalities of healing like Reiki and Massage therapy.

This course is very comprehensive and includes a training booklet Green Eyed Raven 4and certificate of completion.  Bring a friend and take advantage of our introductory offer of $100.00 OFF.  Course is regular $250.00 if coming on your own…or team up and two people attend for $150.00 each.  So tell a friend, family member or co worker and we will see you on the 13th!  Must reserve your place with a non refundable deposit.  If this class is difficult for you financially please ask about payment options we may be able to find a partner for you and this would allow you to take advantage of the 100.00 off or we can arrange deferred payments.  Call 905 385 7251 to book.

*SURPRISE* Crystal Healing Event!!!! SALE SALE SALE!!!

Brand New Crystals and Stones ON SALE!!  Private Collection On Loan!!  NEW Specimens !!  NEW Jewelry!!  Starts at NOON Saturday! Runs till Sunday at 4pm White Flame Crystal Healing

Wow is all I can say about our newest finds!  We have been down the East Coast, New England, and have returned.  We have collected some amazing treats for you!!  Amazing new crystals, stones, jewellry and so much more!!!  Incredible new incense, great new CD’s, Books, Decks, singing bowls, censors and statuary.

SAGE candles are now in stock!!!

Why are we having this sale??  Well, the way I see it, if I have to work the long weekend and if you don’t have plans…why not make it fun? It will be a crazy busy fun day.  We open at ten but the stones will NOT be out before noon so it is fair to all.  Come out and say hi…I dare you! <3

Dowsing 101 ~ The Art Of The Pendulum

Wednesday August 13th, 2014 edwardiandowsing 7pm ~ 9pm

Want to learn more about pendulums? Come out to this informative and fun class on everything dowsing.The main focus will be on pendulums and how to connect with them for answers, confirmation, inspiration and fun!  Learn to use divining rods, pendulums and charts. Explore the ancient art of divination with pendulums. A pendulum can be borrowed for this class or there are over 50 available for purchase.

Cost for this two hour class is $25.00.

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