MAY You Be Beautiful! Inspiration ~ Beauty ~Spirituality

Tuesday April 30th, 2013  6pm  Wine & Cheese Beauty Event!

This is a jam packed evening of beauty, inspiration and spirituality.  The evening starts out with a philosophy-largespecial guest Andrea from Philosophy will be visiting us with great beauty insights, products and samples of the amazing spiritually based skin care line out of Arizona Philosophy.  Rhonda Pavlovich has worked with promoting phil 2Philosophy and is a huge fan of their skin care line.  She uses their care line daily and recommends it highly.  This is an incredible concept in skincare which unites the spiritual and the physical for a more holistic approach to beauty…redefining self image.

Throughout the evening Alison Kidd and Amy Taylor will be offering Angel Card readings and Tea Floradetail_WaterhouseLeaf Readings (these must be booked in advance 30.00 cash for a mini reading). The evening will end with a workshop starting at 8:30 on the ancient spiritual customs associated with May Day, Beltane and the coming season of Spring.  This will include a guided meditation, instruction on how to make a beauty elixir using Crystal Healing and so much more!  Class is led by Rhonda Pavlovich and Amy Taylor.  Cost for workshop is $20.00.

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