We Are Bringing You A New Image ~ The Aura Image ~ White Flame Company Crystal Aura Readings

Live Time Aura Imaging Daily Starting April 1st, 2012 At White Flame Company!

You have heard rumors…we have been doing renovations…super secret transformations …hinting at something great to come…keeping you in suspense…Well it is finally time!!! 

White Flame Company has spent the last year preparing for 2012 and getting ready to bring you the best experiences that you will want to share with your family and friends.  One of these fabulous additions to our already expansive collection of awesome is our Aura Imaging System.  While capable of doing  still aura photography our unique system can show you – live time- on a huge screen what is happening in your body…and around it!!  You can do Aura Photos, head shot or full body…but that is only a start.

We have had a special system designed that will work with our current healing modalities offered here daily.  You will be able to see how Reiki, Crystal Healing and Angelic Energy Healing work …right before your eyes.  One of the first to work with this system in all of Canada we have incorporated our expertise in Crystal Healing, Energy Work and Intuitive Mediumship with modern technology and can now show you LIVE …how your aura will change, how your chakras are affected by your favourite stones or healing methods and explain what these images mean for you, for your health, for your path.


Our system features Reiki Tips feature which allow us to combine our energy with your energy energy and transfer the readings to the large screen display for easy aura, chakra and wellness analysis.  This inner-awareness tool familiarizes you with the benefits of Reiki treatment by helping you to visualize and validate your own energy levels, allowing you to see the changes in an interactive and live video format. With our new and improved features, healing is showcased right before your eyes!  Seeing is Believing.  Our amazing system has more than twenty different program options offering printouts, photos and infinite possibilities for you to customize your session into what you truly want to know about your body, your life, your aura.



White Flame Company’s Aura Imaging System has specialty programs that allow us to work with people and pets!  Wouldn’t you LOVE to see your best four legged friend’s aura?  Want to see how your and your pet’s energy work together?  How about confirmation that Reiki and Animal Reiki really DO work…we can show you…LIVE …right before your eyes!!  In addition to the incredible technology we have two fully trained healers who will do your readings for you.  You will benefit from having your auras read, photographed and intuitively interpreted, combining up to the minute technology with ancient intuitive and healing practices, making this experience a profoundly healing and educational experience you will not want to miss!

Though we have renovated a special area in our store for the installation of our Aura Imaging System we also are mobile…doing a special function where you would like to offer these services to your family, friends or clients?  Call to get information about booking us for events.

More information coming soon!

Pricing packages and available dates will be posted later this week.

We look forward to seeing you…the aura of you and the light of you.

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