*NEW* Date Enchanted Oils Part 1 March 9th

March 9th, 2016 7pm
Enter a realm of magical essences…
This will be a night where energy is harnessed and manifestation begins! Come out and learn about crafting your own magical oil creations. Sample different essences from around the globe. Learn about rare and costly oils and what makes some oils so valuable. Learn how different essences can create change in vibrational energy and can influence things like healing, prosperity, intuition and psychic abilities.
Check out all of our other fab events website calendar http://whiteflamecandlecompany.com/workshops/calendar/
This class will fill up quickly PLEASE register by phone as well as clicking “attending on Facebook” Be sure to register early. Cost for this class includes all supplies and handouts. $30.00 includes essence to take home. Call to book 905 385 7251 or text 905 870 6500.
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Sacred Smoke ~ Smudging, Purifying and Energy Clearing This Friday

Friday, October 16th,  7pm Journey Though Essences Of Times Past

You must pre register for this class by pre paying, minimum six people is required. A great class exploring the many types of incense and smudge that are available todsmudge workshopay.  Learn smudging ceremonies, create your own custom smudging blend and discover the age old mystical properties of the different herbs used in smudging. This is a great class where you are taken on a guided meditation journey through various ancient rituals and practices and develop a relationship with Woman with burning incensethe essences and their vibrational energies ~ from the spice trade to the cottage of the wise woman connect with your inner Shaman in this exciting class booking now! Cost including materials for creating your own custom blend is $25.00 See calendar for more great events!

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LightBody Activation & Intuitive Awareness

Monday, November 2nd, Join Andrew Bray Of Energy Awaken For This Amazing Class Lightbody Activation/Intuitive Developmentandrew This is an ascention/lightbody activation meditation and intuitive development exercise. The exercise may be mediumship, energywork or other awareness building activity. This time is dedicated to experiencing sacred space, personal growth and healing. Those new to finding their path and experienced travelers alike are welcome. Affordably priced evening $20.00 prepaid (please call to register spaces are limited). 905 385 7251 This is a popular class and tends to fill up quickly please call to book your spot today!

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Healing Your Past Lives ~ With Cindy Sommer At White Flame Company

Cindy Have you done the Cleanse and Clear and Group Healing? Want to Move Further??  Don’t Miss Your Chance!
Tuesday, June 30th 2015  7 – 9 pm  Cost $ 30.00

 Why not change your life!!

” Come spend the evening with dynamic healer/life coach/inspirational healer Cindy Sommangeler. All the way from Lexington, KY Cindy Sommer will share with you her incredible “Cleanse and Create A ‘NEW YOU’ For The New Year” evening part THREE in her amazing Healing You Series! This Sunday we travel to clear our karma… release bonds from part lives, past relationships…anything that is not serving us for our greatest and highest good! 

Healing Past Lives Karmic Cleanse! Thursday July 2 Cost $99.00

This is a vital step in understanding our minds and our hearts… ever wonder why you angels in lovejust can’t move past that connection with another person, or why you can’t heal your heart to move forward in your love life?  Have difficulty attracting the right kind of love into your life?  Maybe you have unresolved issues from past lives that are preventing you from finding your greatest happiness… THIS is your opportunity to heal your heart, to bring peace to your life and to move forward toward your greatest dreams and desires.  This amazing two hour program will help to enrich the lives of those who are seeking, healing, and will definitely enrich your day to day relationships with all of those who you meet… Cindy has been helping to heal relationships, marriages and the individual world wide…lifeline healing 1

Friday July 3 7pm $99.00 Financial Clearing


Pre-payment is required call to book 905 385 7251 or text 905 870 6500.

*Personal testimonial*

“I have attended Cindy Sommer’s workshops and have found a sense of peace in my hectic and exciting life.  The ability to manifest without all of the roadblocks is mind blowing.  My life just flows now with incredible happiness and security.  I know who and where I am with a clarity I have never experienced. Work with Cindy Sommer and I guarantee you will feel changes in your life, whether or not you attribute those changes to Cindy is up to you, she has never asked for credit or recognition… in my life, I recognize Cindy for the role she has played in my personal growth and healing path.  I thank Cindy and am grateful for her leadership and friendship, she has helped me to heal that which even as a healer myself I was not able to heal.  I feel as though for the first time ever I have come home to my true life and every day is filled now with a greater understanding and deeper compassion of both my own heart and the hearts of others.  Thank you Cindy for parting the mists and helping me to reach to other side…there is a great magic on the horizon and I can smile with certainty, knowing not only I will come to it but that I am a part of it!”

~ Rhonda Pavlovich

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*NEW* Zodiac Candles ~ Handmade by White Flame Company

Looking for the perfect Birthday gift?  Why not try one of our amazing Zodiac candles?  Each candle zodiacis hand poured and each fragrance is carefully chosen to reflect the characteristics of that particular sign!  Ron Pavlovich is a Master Chandler and makes all of our candles the “old” way… carefully creating each candle by hand in his Lake Erie Studio.

Zodiac Candles from White Flame are great on their own as a gift (or a gift for you) and can also be incorporated into a custom Zodiac Giftset created by you (with our help)…choose from Zodiac key chains, Zodiac tea infusers, Zodiac crystal gemstone bags, Zodiac crystal wand pendants, Zodiac talisman necklaces and so much more! Want to learn more about the Astrology and the Zodiac?  Come to our fall classes with Michael Moon and book an Astrology Reading dates TBA


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Crystal Healing Level 1 ~ Learn To Heal With Crystals

Saturday August 29th, 2015  12pm ~ 4pm
Level 1 Crystal Healing ~Introduction To Healing With Crystals
Instructor ~ Rhonda Pavlovich

If you love crystals and gemstones and have always wanted to learn more, come spend the day with Rhonda Pavlovich and learn some of the basics and techniques of Crystal Healing.

With over 30 years experience with Auralite 23Crystals and Gemstones you will learn many techniques and healing tips that can enrich your daily life as well as start you on a path that might lead to an exciting journey in the healing arts!

In this day long intensive will be covering many of the basics of Crystal Healing as well as some more advanced layouts and techniques making this the perfect course for both beginners and practitioners in modalities of healing like Reiki and Massage therapy.

This course is very comprehensive and includes a training booklet Green Eyed Raven 4and certificate of completion.  Bring a friend and take advantage of our introductory offer of $100.00 OFF.  Course is regular $250.00 if coming on your own…or team up and two people attend for $150.00 each.  So tell a friend, family member or co worker and we will see you on the 29th!  Must reserve your place with a non refundable deposit.  If this class is difficult for you financially please ask about payment options we may be able to find a partner for you and this would allow you to take advantage of the 100.00 off or we can arrange deferred payments.  Call 905 385 7251 to book.

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*NEW* Mediumship with Andrew Bray of Energy Awaken

Introducing a wonderful *NEW* class from Andrew Bray
Wednesday, June 17th, 2015   7pm     $20.00

Join Andrew from Energy Awaken for a participative workshop on developing your mediumship skills. We will discuss different methods and then support each other as we practice.

This time is dedicated to experiencing sacred space, personal growth and healing. Those new to finding their path and experienced travelers alike are welcome.

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