Crystal Days March 10th to May 11th ~

So you want to learn about stones?  How to use them, where to wear them…what they do?  Well this is your big chance!  AND it is *FREE*  Everyday our store will feature a different stone, and it will be on sale ~ we will have pendants you can wear VERY affordable over 300 new stone pendants coming in for this event, shapes and larger items for your home and so much more!  All to help you learn about the fascinating world of crystals and stones!  As well each week will be themed, each seven day span of stone instruction featuring a group of stones that help with difficult to treat issues most of us have to face daily…stone layouts will be available every Sunday to get you working with the stones of each week pre packaged with instructions of how to use and on sale!! In the last week we are having a surprise guest and workshops (but that is a secret for now…it does however involve the coolest stones you have ever laid eyes on!!)

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