Crystal Healing Sale At White Flame Company Additional Date Don’t Miss Out!!

June 9th 10am-6pm HUGE Gemstone & Crystal Sale!

Last weekend we had a sale… let’s call it a preview sale.  It was going to be the crystal sale to beat all crystal sales but unfortunately, we had a family health emergency and not only did we not get out 80% of our awesome deals but we had to close our store early to go to ICU.  So far all has turned out well with that thanks to all of our customers & friends with all of their loving support and prayers! We value each and every one of you!! 😀

The great news for all of you is that we are having a redo!  This Saturday from 10-6 we are having the most incredible crystal sale…and as you know our crystals and gemstones are already priced well below retail so this is an incredible opportunity!!  Many of our tumbled stones will be BOGO!! And for those of you who are not sale savvy that means Buy One Get One (free)!!  We will give you updates on both our Facebook group page (which you can request to join) and our Facebook Fan Page (which you can click on to “like”) and we suggest doing both of these as different information will be posted on each one.

We are looking forward to sharing our treasures with you!!  We have all new stones and these will be on sale as well!  Thanks again to all of our loyal customers and friends!!  This is our way of rewarding you ~ great deals for great people!!

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