Crystal Healing Stone Of The Day ~ Labradorite ~ Angelic Energy Shield

Inuit peoples believe Labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis, magical, mystical, divine… a crystal used by healers, shamans, diviners, healers, Labradorite has the unique ability to shield and protect the auric field.  As if it’s shimmering, translucent colours can surround us in it’s safe shield.  A stone that is powerful and otherworldly as it’s amazing beauty, Labradorite is a must for anyone who works with helping others or who tends to take on their fellow man’s troubles, stress and pain.  This stone could well be called the stone of the empath!

Labradorite opens our third eye and crown chakra as well as the heart.  A wonderful stone for those wanting to increase their psychic abilities, literally bringing your gifts forward and helping you to understand how and when to use them.  It could be said Labradorite is a psychic “how to” stone! Labradorite is a stone that helps to keep one safe during shamanic journeying, meditations, and astral travel.  It also aids in past life recall.

For your health use Labradorite to REDUCE STRESS! This wonderful calming stone helps us to feel relaxed.  Also useful when you feel unwell, the perfect stone to remedy the winter blues when suffering from colds, coughs and respiratory illnesses.

Labradorite is on sale now and in stock in tumbled, polished, pendants, Buddha pendants, crystal skulls and spheres! Call today to reserve at the sale price!

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