Crystal Healing Stone Of The Day ~ Ocean Jasper ~ Tranquility Stone

Need a stone for eliminating negativity from your life?  Our crystal healing stone of the day is the perfect stone for tranquility and reduction of stress.  Soothing and calming this is the perfect meditation stone.  Our polished pendants make a wonderful worry stone that can be rubbed to ease and eliminate stresses and anxieties.  Orbicular Ocean Jasper (where there are “bubble” patterns visible) is quite rare as the only region this is found is in a remote part of Madagascar and is only accessible by boat.

Ocean Jasper, a stone of peace and tranquility reminds us to be patient and to let go of anger, it helps us to move forward with calm perseverance.  It stimulates the solar plexus, heart and throat chakras.  Physically Ocean Jasper is said to aid in reparation of tissue and organ tissue and makes a wonderful restorative elixir.  Helps with inner ear, skin disorders and eczema.  Emotionally Ocean Jasper brings forth repressed emotional issues that need to be healed in a loving and nurturing way.  The perfect stone to carry or wear if you are feeling “out of sorts”.

Our selection of Ocean Jasper pendants, spheres, large palm stones and small tumbled stones are all in stock and on sale today!  If you would like to reserve an Ocean Jasper at the sale price call today!

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