Entertaining Outdoors? Don’t Forget The Bug Off! It Works ~ We Guarantee It!!

Now In Stock “BUG-OFF” The ALL NATURAL Candle You will LOVE because it is the candle bugs HATE!

It’s been featured on TV and in magazines, our Bug Off formula is an old Victorian blend that truly works! 

Created by Master Chandler Ron Pavlovich this amazing candle truly keeps your outdoors great!  No more being dive bombed by irritating and uninvited winged guests!  This age old recipe is a sure fire way to enjoy the outdoors more this summer as Bug Off essence truly repels insects!  Most “bug repelling” candles are actually “bug attracting” candles, the idea was to lure the insects to the candle and away from where you and your guests are, but we all know these candles do not work effectively.  Bug Off is the first repelling candle, designed to create a protective barrier around your outdoor living space.

Now available in long burning jars, votive candles, t lights candles and pillar candles.  Affordable pricing makes this the perfect hostess gift.  Bring extra everywhere you go, outdoor concerts, garden parties or outdoor weddings, enjoy the summer without the hassle of fending off pesky mosquitoes, black flies or deer flies.


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