Exploring The Aura ~ The Power Of Your Personal Energy

Friday November 9th, 2012,  6- 7pm

This is a free mini workshop, it is only a one hour talk and demo of the Aura Imaging system that White Flame Company has been offering this past year.  Many of you have never seen a system like this and this is a wonderful opportunity to see what all the talk is about!

Welcome To A Glimpse at Auras, Aura Reading & Aura Imaging.

Learn the latest technological advancements in Aura Imaging, see an Aura Reading in progress. Learn what the different colours of your Aura mean and how these colours affect your energy, vitality, mood, health and stability. White Flame Company is opening it’s doors to our meet up group, and to our web subscribers at no charge for this wonderful and informative session Aura Imaging/Aura Readings/Aura Photos/Aura Reiki (Aura Imaging With Reiki) will all be discussed (these services are offered daily at White Flame Company at a very reasonable price).

Aura Photos will be offered at a special price from now till the end of the Christmas Open House at only $20.00.  Includes biofeedback and explanation (10 minute session).  Other packages are available at a discounted price as well.

You must reserve a space as places are limited for this hour long mini workshop and demonstration.

Call 905-385-5251 or text 905-870-6500.

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