*FREE* Crystal Healing Night At White Flame Company Hamilton

Thursday, September 19th, 2013  7pm -8pm
Developing Your Intuitive Abilities With Crystals and GemstonesAngel Stone Readings (2)

Another evening of stones to help increase your intuitive abilities. This class falls on a full moon so we will also be discussing the combined effect of the full moon and crystals to help to amplify your own gifts. Some of the featured stones will be phenacite, amphibole quartz and stone of sanctuary.  A free guided meditation is included to connect with your Angels and Guides.

Class size is limited and we do take a waiting list so if unable to Green Eyed Raven 3come last minute please shoot me a text so I can invite a person from our waiting list  905 870 6500 ♥ Xo

For Rhonda Pavlovich’s Bio please see the page under “our history”

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