Grand Master Sueyoshi Akeshi ~Shugendo Monk and Reiki Master from Japan at White Flame Company

For Two Amazing Nights Only Don’t Miss Out On This Once In A Lifetime Opportunity!
Thursday May 9th 7-8pm and Monday May 6th 7-8pm     Each Workshop $25.00

We are very honoured to be spending two amazing evenings with Sueyoshi Akeshi, Buddhist Shingon Monk and a Buddhist Shugendo Monk, he is a Reiki Master from Japan.  Each  workshop will be different so don’t miss out book both nights into your calendar!Sueyoshi is a Martial Arts Master trained in all the different arts of the Ninja like sword, bo staff, walking stick, stars and everything else in between. Sueyoski is also a Falconer and owns both a Golden Eagle and Barn Owl. Presently obtaining a Bald Eagle.  He is also and Acupuncturist and a Shiatsu Masseuse.
Sueyoshi will be doing two exclusive workshops talking about meditation, and leading us in a traditional Buddhist Meditation class as well as sharing kyudo monkwith us his experiences and wisdom.Don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity!  Booking now, we will not be holding places without pre-payment.
905-385-7251 to book or text 905-870-6500.
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