Green Tourmaline ~ Crystal Healing Stone Of The Week At White Flame Company Hamilton

Healing Anxiety, Panic and Stress With Green Tourmaline!

Effective at fighting anxiety, OCD, stress, panic attacks, night terrors and post traumatic stress, Green Tourmaline is the Crystal Healing Stone of The Week…and will be the focus of next week’s *FREE* Crystal Healing Night!  This wonderful stone is now available in raw, chunk, polished and pendant form…Beautiful clear quartz with Green Tourmaline pendants designed in Brazil for Master Healer Rhonda Pavlovich.  This was the stone covered in our show on CHCH about Crystal Healing and stones to help to fight anxiety and panic.  Affordable and effective this stone can help people who suffer from all types of anxiety and extreme stress.  The clear  quartz in the pendant amplifies the benefits of the tourmaline making this a useful healing tool…great for children who suffer night terrors!

Green Tourmaline is also wonderful for opening and healing the heart chakra, assisting healers in their work!  A great stone to have on hand if you work with any form of natural healing on a professional or personal level.  This is a stone that has long been prized for it’s association with bringing luck and financial success.

Come in early for best selection…all green tourmaline will be available in the store this Friday!  For more information or to book a Crystal Healing/Reiki session with Rhonda text 905 870 6500.

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