All Hallows Eve ~ The Mystical Side Of Crystals And Gemstones

It’s Halloween! And We Are Hosting A Fun Filled Night Of Exploration Into The World Of Crystals & Gemstones – Wednesday October 31st, 2012     8:30 – 10pm

Tomorrow night, after the kiddies have finished their Halloween Trick or Treating, come out and learn about the more mystical healing properties of crystals and gemstones. We already have quite a few people attending so if you can RSVP as soon as possible that would be great! This will be a night of FREE crystal healing, intuition, mysticism and fun! This is an evening suitable for all ages feel free to bring your family along! See REAL obsidian scrying mirrors, learn the exciting history of crystal balls and have a fun night out with like minded seekers!

This is a FREE event! Call or text 905-870-6500 to RSVP

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