A Journey In Meditation

White Flame Company and Energy Awaken Present
A Journey In Meditation November 18th – February 17th

Join us for a 3 month 7 module program that will help build a foundation of your spiritual practice. Methods include guided, sound, visualization, traditional, and healing. Enjoy and experience different types and styles of meditation in a supportive group environment. The shared energy of this program exponentially builds the experience, strength and energy of your Practice.This program is designed to launch the beginner into a thriving practice or support your growing meditative life. 

 Rhonda Pavlovich has appeared on CHCH TV many times for her knowledge of Crystal Healing, Green Eyed Raven 2Aromatherapy, Herb Lore and as a spiritual instructor/counselor. Rhonda’s spiritual path began even before birth, while still in the womb, a clairvoyant informed her mother that the child she carried would have gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. As was foretold, Rhonda developed a love of all things mystical and wellness related at a very young age. Blending her own Aromatherapy essential oil creations at the age of 12, Rhonda developed a passion for creating custom fragrances and continues this craft, both for White Flame Company, and for select private label clients.

Andrew Bray is an energetic catalyst. Energy Awaken is a new energetic modality, andrewchanneled Information and experiential workshops. Andrew has degrees in Psychology and Labour Studies and is a Reiki Master, musician, certified Coach and meditation facilitator. He channels a loving energy called “The Attendant” who’s purpose is to help those on a journey take steps. He has presented Energy Awaken Workshops in Canada, the US, and Cuba. He is now presenting the unique Energy Awaken modality to energy Practitioners. 

Multimedia – Includes audio recordings of all meditations! Each week all participants will be given a CD of the previous weeks meditations. There will be a total of 8 CD’s included with the program. (1 for each class +1) Field trip. The group will visit a Buddhist temple to participate in traditional Buddhist meditation. November 18, 28, December 2, 16, January 22nd, February 3 and 17th. – $222

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