Nadine Mercey Tomorrow Night At White Flame Company!

Christmas Open House is in full swing!
November 15, 2013 8pm
Nadine Mercey in an hour of informal manifesting!
Nadine 1

Following our Spirit Journey Nadine Mercey will be at White Flame Company for a full hour of manifesting, chanelling and healing!   Nadine has appeared on many television and radio productions including The Marilyn Denis Show, HGTV and recently a series on The Discovery Channel.

Nadine is also offering individual sessions which include high vibrational energy work, healing and intuition ~ for individual sessions call or text 905 870 6500 (only two spots left). Cost for individual sessions is $150.00.  Cost for this event is $25.00 and will follow our 7pm event. If you are not attending the Spirit Journey at 7pm please *NOTE* The doors will remain locked until the 7pm event is through, do not arrive early (It’s cold outside!)

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