*NEW MOON MAGIC* ~ With Amy Taylor

Monday, March 11th, 2013  7pm Cost $20.00

New Moon Magic ~ An Enchanted Evening

~Amy Taylor and Rhonda Pavlovich


Join us this Monday evening for a great night of Moon Magic, Moon Lore, Manifestation and Meditation.  This jam packed evening is only $20.00 but is already over half full.  Be sure to book your space today (text 905-870-6500 or you can message Rhonda on Facebook).

AmyOur evening will start out with an informative workshop on the moon phase the “New” moon, learn what this means and how the energy of this phase of the moon can impact your life.  Discover how working with the moon’s energy can assist in different areas of your life and can bring balance and harmony into your world.  The second half of the evening we will be discussing the herbs and crystals best associated with this time and how to use them to affect positive Rhonda Pavlovichchange in your life (materials are included in the cost of this workshop).  The evening will end off with a guided meditation for connecting with the moon’s energy.

Don’t miss out on this great night.  Space is limited.

905-385-7251 or text 905-870-6500


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