Unblocking Your Psychic Self

$190.00 Canadian taxes extra


Saturday September 30th 5-9 pm

Maybe you have come to me for a reading and thought, I would love to do psychic readings for a living. Maybe you are one of the people who have been born to this path and have always known you had this “gift” but don’t know where to start. Maybe you have started doing readings for friends and family but are lacking confidence to move forward with this path beyond the comfort of your own parlor. If any of these sound familiar then this is the class for you! A four hour long intensive on unblocking your psychic self!

In this intensive we will focus on how to do psychic readings, especially the old and mystical methods of divination which have become lost arts. You will learn to do ceremancy (melted wax divination), scrying (crystal ball reading), card layouts simple and advanced, pendulum readings including charts and the ancient art of rune stone readings.  

***All supplies will be included in the cost of this class and will include a set of gemstone rune stones, a deck of oracle or angel cards and a white candle, a manual and a certificate of completion. You will be loaned a crystal ball for use at the class there will be balls available as well for sale.

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Fee for class including gemstone rune stones and oracle deck is $190.00 If financially you cannot attend please inbox me for payment options 😉 Also if you have taken my Angel reading or Wax Divination class you get a 40.00 rebate.


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