Runes ~ The Alphabet Of Knowing

Runes – The Alphabet of Knowing Intensive Intro To Rune Reading    

Instructor Franco Minatel


Wednesday July 18, 2012  7-9:30pm                         

Wednesday July 25th, 2012 7-9:30pm

Cost for both Parts 1 & 2  $150.00 Includes Certificate of Completion Must Participate in  both Part 1 & 2.  Payment can be made in two equal parts of $75.00.


There are many systems of divination available to the intuitive reader but this particular one is quite powerful.  The Runes or the letters of the Viking alphabet (also called the Celtic Runes) have long fascinated historians and occultists alike.  Although, there was never a recorded history of the runes being used as an alphabet they have appeared on many an artifact as writing.

Let Franco take you on a historical, cultural and metaphysical trip through these 24 characters which can provide the reader the exact same clarity as the 78 cards of the tarot.  Discover how the runes are much like an onion, consisting of many layers.  It is recommended that you bring your own set of runes to the class, but if you don’t have them material will be provided to you to carve your own.  This two part class will consist of presentation material and interactive participation.


Franco is the former Vice President of Astrology Toronto who combines his love of teaching, music, divination and healing into a daily life that is anything but routine.  He is an engineer by profession and a Renaissance Man by nature.  Franco is a brilliant instructor do not miss this opportunity to study a fascinating divination method from a skilled teacher.

Spaces are limited.  Call to register 905-385-7251

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