New Schedule Is Going Up Summer & Fall ~ Crystal Healing, Reiki, Meditation & More!

Just wanted to thank everyone for their energy and blessings during the last week, it meant a great deal to us during our time of loss!  Thank you so much to those of you who sent cards, came to the memorial service and made such wonderful and loving posts on Facebook you are all cherished friends!

We are back in the store and getting ready to post some new events.  As of Wednesday our schedule will be firm and complete and will be showing dates into the fall.  We thank you as well for your understanding in the shifts of workshops and meditations during the last two weeks.

Many of you have asked when our next Reiki classes are.  Please know that we teach private classes and we are ready whenever you are, we work within your schedule and we set the dates as you request them.  We can accommodate day, evening and weekend times and are ready to assist you on your path.  If you would like to book times or have more information on Reiki instruction you can text me at 905-870-6500 anytime.

RhondaRhonda Pavlovich is scheduling readings again, times are flexible but some days are already quite full having had to adjust two weeks of appointments.  As always we will do everything possible to make an appointment for you as soon possible.  Please contact Rhonda directly by text messaging at 905-870-6500 if you are waiting for a reading appointment.

Don’t miss out on our Girl’s Night Out this Wednesday night!  We are filling up very quickly and as this event only happens once a year we aim to make it a night with memories enough to last the whole year through…this will be a fantastic evening!

Aura imaging/Aura Photos can be booked this week as well and watch for new dates for Crystal Healing and Meditation, Belly Dancing and so much more!

We look forward to seeing all of you very soon!

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