Shamanic Weekend Workshop Package At White Flame Company

White Flame Company Christmas Open House Package
Three Great Workshops One Great Price!


 An Evening with The Spirit Bear Flute  –  Onikonra/mind 


Friday November 15 th 2013 7PM- 8PM $20.00 Doug

Doug Doolittle, a bear clan Mohawk of the Grand River Territory creates an evening of balance, attunement, and enlightenment. Bringing you a flute meditation to help you on a spirit journey to possibly find your spirit totem or maybe release and negative experience with a positive one. You may find you will just be completely relaxed and connected to yourself with an hour of guide meditation with the love of the Bear Spirit Flute.  Special blend smudge will be available for purchase as well as custom designed moccasins…a great holiday gift idea.


Energy Awaken Light Grid Creation Workshop  Saturday, November 16th, 2013  7pm – 9pm   $30.00 andrew

During the Energy Awaken “Light Grid Creation” workshop, participants will have the opportunity to enter into sacred space and experience creating within a group setting using dynamic energetic light grids.  Guided meditation will raise the vibration of participants and set an energy of receptivity.  We will first work together in pairs ensuring all can feel and use the channeled group energy.  Then groups will shift into progressively more complex formations of sacred geometry exploring use of crystals, yin/yang energy and intention.  Participants can use the opportunity of exponential group energy to help shift and transform challenges and enter into growth.  We will end the workshop with a closing meditation during which Andrew may channel “The Attendant”, a loving energy who helps those it encounters “take steps” at every possible opportunity.

Andrew Bray is an energetic catalyst.  He is a Reiki Master, songwriter and musician, has degrees in Psychology and Labour Studies, is a meditation leader and certified Coach. He channels a loving energy called “The Attendant”.  He has presented Energy Awaken workshops including Reiki certification or spiritual healing in Canada, the US, and Cuba. He currently resides in Hamilton, ON

 Journey Into The Three Worlds Learn, experience and share in traditional
South-American Shamanic techniques for the recovery of one’s spirit self.
Workshop & Meditation $60.00  Sunday November 18 th 4PM – 7PM  O

In this workshop Oz brings his gifted vision, wisdom as well as traditional shamanic technique from both Peru and the Amazon. In this exciting and insightful event discover the role of the drum, its rhythms, trance states and how those altered states are used in healing ceremonies. In this 3 hour presentation, not only is the method described and taught, but you will experience and participate in the energetic recovery of a fellow traveler soul energy. Expect to come away with many insightful principles and insights from this modern day medicineman versed in ancient shamanic traditions.

Participants need to be open minded, willing to explore and expand their consciousness in a playful and safe environment as well they must also be prepared to have their world view challenged.      Oscar De Los Santos (a.k.a. Oz) is one of the youngest recognized elders for the Six Nations people. A teacher for 11 years at the Aboriginal Health Centre in both Hamilton and Brantford, Oz is also the founder of Tribal Thunder and author of the Warriors Road Way.

Take all 3 workshops for $100 and receive a free gift!

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