Spiritual Nutrition ~ A Focus on Nourishing All Levels of Your Existence

Monday March 19th, 2012  7pm  Cost $20.00 includes materials/handouts

Instructor ~ Amber Colbear

This workshop will explore the core elements of Spiritual Nutrition.

Most often, when one resolves towards better health, they resort to diet and exercise, they focus on going to the gym, detoxes and cutting back on unhealthy foods. This can often be difficult to maintain and often sees one feeling drained overall.

Rather than targeting restriction and body-shocking tactics, Spiritual Nutrition concentrates on nourishing all levels of your existence. It is not really a diet or an exercise routine, but more so a healthy prescription for a lifestyle that stimulates balance and harmony across the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical bodies within your auric field. Thus, producing higher energy levels, better focus, circadian rhythm attuned sleep patterns and an overall boost in the light body.

Several keys will be presented that are the basis for creating and sustaining the balance between each layer of our existence. A brief account on indigenous’ philosophy across man’s history will be shared in relation to current days’ western and eastern systems of medicine; as it applies to perception, treatment and care of the body.

Additionally, we will discuss the history and legends of Kombucha Tea and theincredible health benefits reported with daily use. We will explore how it aids in Spiritual Nutrition and nurturing equilibrium in the Garden of the Body. At this workshop, a helpful handout with the Spiritual Nutrition Keys will be provided with an opportunity for you to sample Kombucha Tea. For those interested in making Kombucha Tea at home, Kits will be available at a discounted workshop price.

Spaces Are Limited

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