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Ever wonder why you walk into our store and just “feel better”? Buddha & Gemstones

We have found, in our 38 years of business that we hear two comments frequently, one is “I want my house to smell like this!” and the other is “I don’t know why, but just walking into your store I feel better, no matter what is going on in my day, this store just makes me feel amazing!”

We too have experienced this in our own lives, in our own family.  Life these days can be hectic and stressful.  We all LOVE coming into work at White Flame Company.  Stress and tension seem to just melt away.  What we have always known can now be explained, and proven (scientifically).

White Flame Company is just loaded with positive energy (and negative ions!).

We had a professional analysis done of our store as far as energy safety.  Most homes should safely rate an EMF rating of anywhere from 1 to 3 however some have registered as high as 9, businesses can rate higher than homes as computers, fluorescent lighting,  power lines and electrical appliances that all contribute to EMF’s.  It took quite some time to do our reading as our rating was “unheard of” for a business, the reading was checked again and again.  In short White Flame Company has the lowest EMF rating that this individual has ever witnessed.

Why?  We have the largest selection of crystals and semi precious gemstones in Hamilton and one of the largest collections in Canada.  Over 2800 Types of Crystals and Stones.  We specialize in crystals and stones that produce large amounts of negative ions which helps with breathing, stress and healing.  We hand select all of our crystals and gemstones for their phenomenal quality and potency.  Often people remark when holding many of our healing crystals and stones how powerful they are.  Some people who have never “felt” things from crystals have discovered that in our selection that are able to “feel” many things.

The combination of our healing crystals and stones, Himalayan Salt products, Lampe Berger and the high quality of essential oils that we use all contribute to a healthier environment than most people are used to experiencing.  Which is why you “just feel better at White Flame Company”.  Maybe this is why my Granny worked into her 90’s here and lived to 99 and why my Dad, in his late 70’s is often mistaken for a much younger man, my Mom…while I cannot discuss age let’s just say she is following suit and impresses me with her youthful vigor!

It was interesting as the lowest rating in the whole store was right at our sales counter, which is just flooded with wiring, lighting and equipment.  We received our impossible “0” rating here!  For those of you who have visited our store recently, the front counter space is where we keep our powerhouse store of Ganesha Quartz.  We have long known Quartz is one of the most powerful healing crystals and now we know scientifically that they do in fact exceed the potency of so many other healing products.

Our customers often ask us “How many crystals should I have in my home?” or “Why do I love to buy crystals so much?” I would usually answer that you are drawn to the stones you are supposed to have, and you love them because they are meant to be a part of your healing journey.  Now I would add to that, maybe, on an intuitive level you are making things right in your own world, correcting levels of EMF’s that you are uncomfortable with and doing this with  products that help you to bring this White Flame Company feeling home with you.

Why be concerned with EMF’s and negative ions? 

Negative Ions can help block out the foreign dangerous EMF signals. They can energize our cell walls which can help our cells communicate faster and more efficiently. Negative ions in our blood stream  can combat some of the negative effects of EMF’s by increasing the electric threshold and giving us more energy.  Our homes are flooded with EMF’s that can cause all kinds of illnesses and ill health effects. Products with negative ions help combat this dangerous condition by blocking their entry into our bodies and working inside our cells to help them function more efficiently and communicate without disruption from EMF’s. It’s important to supplement our supply of negative ions more than ever.


Our cells produce their own EMF’s which they use to communicate with each other. When cells can communicate efficiently, they  can coordinate all of the processes in the body better. In the brain, cells need to communicate in order to think clearly, make rational decisions, process information, and other day-to-day mental activities that we all take part in.  When this communication is disrupted or delayed by foreign EMF’s, damage ensues. Our thinking becomes fuzzy and slow, even depressed. We get headaches and nausea and become too tired to exercise or take part in the things we love. It can even raise our blood sugar and our body’s stress responses contributing to diabetes and obesity.

It’s clear that EMF’s are harmful and negative ions are one solution to this problem. Fortunately, adding negative ions to our lives is as simple as choosing one of many products that help to product negative ions in your home.

For more information on this and other ways to get more positive energy into your home don’t miss our exciting and informative workshop “Healthy Hearth and Home ~ Using Crystals and Stones To Energize Your Environment” This will be a *FREE* Workshop on Saturday March 21st, 5 to 6pm.  This workshop will be the introduction to our Feng Shui Series ~ The Art of Placement For Positive Energy in Your Home & In Your Life”

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  1. I will be visiting your store VERY soon…I have been looking for you for quite awhile and cannot wait to see what I will discover!!!!!

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