White Flame Company In Lake Erie Living Magazine

Great article about Ron & White Flame Company called “Playing with Fire” by Laura Watilo Blake:

Ron Pavlovich has no interest in ordinary tapers, pillars or votives. As one of only seven master chandlers in the world, he waxes poetic by creating the most extraordinary candles that chemistry will allow from the workshop of his Lake Erie home.

Ron Pavlovich heads to the three-car garage of his Selkirk, Ontario, home and gets to work. He stands in front of two 8-foot-long tables covered with row after row of empty steel votives and places a pure cotton wick imported from Germany in each one. With a stainless steel teapot, he begins the task of pouring paraffin wax blended with dyes and fragrance. As the wax cools, it shrinks, making a second pour necessary. In the next two hours, he will fill 400 votives….click to read more

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