Advanced Candle Magic ~ Spiritual Candle Burning Part 2

Saturday February 21st, 2015  5- 7pm

Winter, a time of reflection… we go inside ourselves to learn, to grow and to heal. With the first signs of Spring, we begin to awaken from our slumber and look forward to warmer months with positivity, determination and excitement. Learning to manifest and focus your intent consistently can help you make good on those personal promises for the future. Our 2015 Manifesting Workshop Series can help you to carry New Years optimism right through to 2016 and assist you in bringing hope into every day of the year.

Energy in equals energy out… a simple equation with dramatic results! Our series Rhondacontinues with a class on Advanced Candle Burning Magic! Learn how candle burning can be not only a beautiful and relaxing journey but also a powerful tool that can help you to focus your goals and intent! This is an advanced class and you must have attended Candle Burning Magic Part 1 … In this advanced class we will learn inscribing candles with ancient symbols called sigils. Advanced meditations with candles, incorporating crystals, herbs and moon phases into your candle burning practices and so much more! Don’t miss this informative and fun class!

Cost for this class is 25.00 and includes Personal Empowerment Oil, A Scribing Tool, A Special Purpose Candle and Magical Candle Paint.

Register early, prepayment is required to hold your place. Karma-pay can be arranged (if cost is too great in special circumstances you can karma pay ie. pay when you can).

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