Ancient Aliens Featured Carolyn Ford and Einstein the Worlds Largest Ancient Crystal Skull

Join us Tuesday, May 9 th 2017 at 7pm for an incredible night to be with the world’s largest ancient crystal skull.  If you are on a spiritual path this will be an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Einstein holds so much ancient knowledge and has such magnificent energy being in his presence helps us to realign and to download messages that can assist us in our personal growth and can help us reach our greatest potential    if you have a Crystal skull bring them with you to imprint with this ancient energy ! Tickets are available for this great night online! Also join us tomorrow night Wednesday May 10 th for an ancient meditation and evening of setting intention and manifesting with Carolyn Ford and Einstein!  Cost for each night is only 35.00 and seating is limited so call to book or purchase online!  

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