Angels Everywhere At White Flame Company

*New* Expanded Angel Section! Angels 5

Have you been to our store lately?  Aside form being one of the longest established Candle Makers in Ontario, we are one of the first businesses to feature spiritually inspired products.

We have been in business for going on 40 years and have always had a huge variety of Angels and Angel related products to offer you.  Now we are larger than ever with over 4000 sq feet of amazing hand crafted candles in so many fragrances, wonderful historical gifts in Angels 1our antique section and a huge variety of spiritually minded gifts in our Angel section.

When you are looking for that perfect gift for the teacher, a friend, a family member or for yourself, why not get a gift that brings some inspiration, kindness and healing with it?  How about a deck of Angel cards…or a heavenly inspired giftset with our divinely scented candles?

We can even custom create Angel themed gifts specifically for you, for Angels 4any occasion…and when ordering a gift basket or giftset to be made up why not include a gift certificate for an Angel Stone reading or one of our fabulous classes?  Half hour certificates for readings now available, the perfect gift for inspirational guidance and fun!  You can even book the store for the night for your own private reading party…what a great atmosphere!  To book readings or reading parties please text Rhonda 905 870 6500 and be sure to see bio on our history page.

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