Astrology 2012 Workshop With Michael Moon At White Flame Company Hamilton

Astrology 2012 ~ A Great Spiritual Shift ~ A Time Of Transformation

Sunday May 27th, 2012 4pm Cost $25.00 Instructor ~ Michael Moon

What can we expect in the coming months in the way of Spiritual Shifts, Transformations and Energy?  Come out to the Astrology 2012 Workshop With Micheal Moon and have many of these questions and so much more explained to you in a healing and informative evening with Michael.

Michael Moon is an international musician, composer and performer and astrologer from Toronto, Canada, specializing in the power sound has to heal and transform. From meditation and relaxation music to inspiring pop music and shamanic rock and roll, Michael Moon’s music crosses the boundaries between genres and worlds creating a tantric bridge between heaven and earth, a living temple of sound. . The music is mystical and entheogenic in nature, gently altering the listener’s consciousness, while entertaining, and has roots in shamanism, tantra, eastern mysticism, and the western mystery school traditions.

Come let Michael intrigue you with an introductory workshop in Astrology which will give you a small sampling of what he will be offering in our upcoming Intensive Astrology?Palmistry Workshop this summer (date TBA).

With a strong psychotherapeutic background Michael specializes in helping indivduals and couples quickly understand their difficulties, and how to turn problems into solutions. Find out what kind of partner and career would satisfy you, how to bring in money, and get clarity on your deep or mundane questions. Discover your unique talents and gifts, as well as what holds you back from your greatest joy.

This is a psycho-spiritual approach to astrology, utilizing the information in the birth chart to discover the deepest needs of our psyche and spirit and how to fulfill them. Why am I here? Why do these things keep happening to me? Why are my relationships always…? Take back the power in your life by gaining a clearer sense of who you are and why you are here.

During the day Sunday May 27th, 2012 you may book an a reading with Michael Moon at White Flame Company in Hamilton.  Call to book as spaces will sell out VERY quickly! 905-385-7251

“One can gain the understanding and depth of years of psychotherapy in even one session” (client quote). Michael can combine intuitive counseling, tarot and energy work with his astrology for the most effective reading possible. All readings are recorded.


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