Aventurescence! Sparkling For The New Year!

2017! And Time For You!

Welcome to 2017…and many of us are breathing a huge sigh of relief! This year I am going to post weekly (and update daily ) which stones I am working with and why, sharing more and more detail each day, of our weekly stones, bringing you to a better understanding of the crystals we heal with! I hope this helps some of you to heal along with me and lead you to a better understanding of this sparkling world of crystal healing and natural magic. Soon there will be video footage to accompany these posts, so, 2017… let’s do this

As the year was changing from 2016 to 17, I found myself attracted Green Aventurine, a stone that has come and gone in my life, like a best friend that is there for you always, even if you are out of touch for months on end. So Aventurine, “Welcome back!” It’s 2017 and new beginnings are all around us!

For those of you newly acquainted with my friend Aventurine, this powerful healing stone has the appearance of Jade but with a sparkly dusting of mica for some extra magical kapow! This is known as Aventurescence! That is exactly what I am going to be soaking in as we bring in this promising new year! Want to join me?

I chose Aventurine as my first to work with this year as it is amazing for manifesting! This year, like so many of you, my three main areas of focus are healing, prosperity and heart healing (love)…

For our first area of focus for 2017, HEALTH, Aventurine is truly the stone of healing body, mind and spirit, once this beautiful green stone enters your life the healing on all levels begins. For those of you who are feeling beat up by 2016 emotionally, mentally and physically this is the stone to heal it all! Aventurine can be applied directly on the skin to ease heartache, stress and even physical aches and pains. You can add it to the bathwater for a truly healing soak…or wear it as jewelry and carry that sparkling essence of ultimate healing balance with you all day!

Work with Aventurine to improve your health! This shiny green motivator is ideal to help you understand the areas of your life that need healing most! For physical health, Aventurine can help you stay fresh and focused, making your health goals for the new year first and foremost every day of 2017, not just on New Years Day…

For our second area of manifesting, PROSPERITY, meditate with this stone daily to help you to bring abundance in your life every day!

For prosperity the brilliant green of this stone reminds us to manifest…we can all achieve our goals and dreams in 2017, and here focus is the key!

Nothing happens overnight, except a new day being born…and another reinforcement of the divine, each day as the sun rises, be reminded that everything begins over and over and over again…Work with Aventurine’s daily perspective of newness and rebirth to help you to stay focused on the day at hand…As the sun rises each day, embrace that new opportunity to bring needed change into focus! What did not happen yesterday can happen today, and tomorrow! Keep your thoughts focused on forward motion and try not to get caught up in the backward drag of thinking negative thought patterns that is what swamped us in 2016, so much loss, so much struggle. Allow Aventurine to accompany you in your daily travels to remind you, this is a new year and everything is possible!

This year look forward, look positive and look with your heart as opposed to your eyes, the heart sees only opportunity to heal! Aventurine’s fresh green energy reminds us that everything can be new, vibrant and reborn in positivity! Aventurine teaches us the heart sees clearer than the eyes!

Last but certainly not last, the third area to work on for 2017, yup, the “L” word, LOVE! For love-cynics, love is all about “YOU” in 2017…this is the year for taking care of our heart health (emotionally, physically and spiritually). Aventurine will help you to focus on yourself! To top up your soul with LOVE, self love, healing love, hopeful love and physical love!

For the single and searching, as you heal and become reconnected with the awesomeness that is “YOU”, the quest for an answer outside yourself, things or people to fill up your life, really takes a back seat! And we all know that is when love will happen when it is an accompaniment not a replacement! Work with Aventurine to understand that like attracts like, if we are full and healed we will attract another like minded soul that will walk beside us on this healing journey, not push or pull us to match their stride…

2017 relationships are all about perfect balance, and what a better stone to take us there, than a stone that teaches us that healthy love is about striving for perfect health for body, mind and spirit equally prioritized and present in two people’s lives who have chosen to enrich each other’s existence by simply mirroring the perfection of the human spirit in all of it’s glorious imperfection! Here’s to LOVE in 2017!

So with those intentions set forth let us embrace the Aventurescence of this new year upon us! Here’s to sparkling forward each and every day!

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