Charoite ~ The Crystal Healing Stone Of The Day ~ Archangel Michael

Gazing into the violet and lavender swirls of a Charoite one can often see images appear.  Like a magic mirror a view of the past or future might appear in the surface of this powerful angelic stone. The stone’s very name is rooted in magic… ” Chary” which in Russian means “magic”.  Stones of Russian descent often intrigue me, my heritage is Russian/Celtic so I tend to connect well with stones from this region.  This particular healing stone was not discovered till the ’40’s and did not become popular till the late 70’s.

Charoite is an incredible stone for connecting with Archangel Michael. This stone harnesses the violet ray and is rare and powerful.  Used for dream workings, meditation, connecting with your angel guides this is an amazing stone to work with daily.  This stone helps us to access karmic patterns, to release outdated information that our cells hold in memory, instead of affecting us life after life we are able to release old fears and negativity that is holding us back from our higher purpose.  This stone represents the symbiosis between the heart and crown chakras, allowing the spiritual plane to become rooted in our hearts, and our hearts to connect us to a higher power with passion and conviction.

Have insomnia, frequently wake up in the night? This is the stone for you, like a nerve tonic Charoite helps you to relax deeply assisting in a good night’s rest!  Physically, if you suffer from migraines, muscle aches or cramping this is a wonderful stone for you to use daily.  This powerful healer helps to strengthen the body and to help it overcome disease, to regulate heart, blood pressure and illnesses pertaining to the eyes.

This stone is available in limited quantities in pendants and tumbled stones.  On sale today, you can call to reserve yours!



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