Crystal Healing Stone Of The Day ~ Black Tourmaline ~ Bye Bye Negativity!

Black Tourmaline is a perfect stone of protection, a psychic shield deflecting and dispelling negative energies, EMFs, and even our own destructive thought patterns.  It is particularly good for those who suffer the stress/gut connection, in other words if your thoughts, your stress,  create trouble in the tummy, like bowel problems from obsessive worry, this could be your new best friend.  In a case study, my client suffering weeks of debilitating IBS tried working with black tourmaline, and only black tourmaline…no other jewelry, no other stones.  Two days and better health was restored, the client felt positive, and broke the cycle that comes with such illness ie. you stress because you do not feel well, you do not feel well because of the stress, the stress increases and you are unable to eat properly, sleep properly, without proper nutrition the body takes on the stress and IBS clicks in, IBS makes you feel increasingly unwell which makes you feel increasingly stressed and negative…if you have been there, and most of us with great stress or anxiety have, you will keep one of these on hand!  I recommend the pendant with the black tourmaline in clear quartz as the clear quartz amplifies the healing and protective properties of the black tourmaline.  Black tourmaline is also useful in treating OCD, and phobias.

A stone that guards against radiation and environmental pollutants, and is highly useful in eliminating EMF’s in the home or workplace.  A great one two punch if combined with Shungite if you are trying to eliminate EMF’s in a hurry.

We currently have black tourmaline and my favourite tourmalated quartz in stock and on sale today!  Available in pendants, generators, sphere, crystal skull, and tumbled specimens.  Call to reserve yours today!

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