Crystal Healing Stone Of The Day ~ Chiastolite The Holy Cross Stone

Crystal Healing Stone Of The Day ~ Chiastolite The Holy Cross
The Stone Of Ultimate Protection Energy!

It was believed in the days of the Crusades that this stone had the ability to save human life ~ therefore it became prized above all other possessions.  Soldiers carried or wore the Holy Cross for protection.  Chiastolite is a form of Andalusite with natural cross formations made by inclusions of Graphite.  This beautiful stone carries a calming healing energy that is quite unlike anything I have ever experienced.  It has a unique ability to assist in making you feel more confident and secure.  It is a wonderful stone for those who are going through self esteem issues. 

The Holy Cross Stone is useful for those who need psychic protection either from negative energy or from energy drain.  It is a highly protective stone that can often make it feel as though there is a shield around you, allowing you to feel safe and secure.  A great stone for healers, empaths and those who work in negative or challenging environments.

Chiastolites are are very useful in meditation, helping you through meditation to access the Akashic Records and to connect with the energies and memories of past lives.

We have Holy Cross Stone available in palm stones, spheres, pendants, prayer malas (bracelets) and slices.  Holy Cross is on the shelves and ON SALE!  Call ahead to reserve yours today! 905 385 7251.

We now ship internationally.

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