Crystal Healing Stone Of The Week – Aventurine

The name Aventurine comes from its quality of “aventurescence”… which means the amount of reflective ability of the stone.  Aventurine is a wonderful and versatile stone for use in Crystal Healing, the rough green variety has even been used in absorbing environmental pollution  which makes it a very powerful stone for healing our earth.

Aventurine is known as a “lucky” stone and is said to bring abundance and wealth.  It is said to be a stone of opportunity and is a great stone for those wanting to draw good fortune into their lives.  Aventurine is a stone with many different healing properties; available in a variety of colours it makes a wonderful addition to any medicine pouch or bundle!

The green variety is wonderful for soothing the heart chakra and for opening one up to new experiences. The green colour comes from inclusions of Fuchsite (the stone for healing the healer). As a defensive stone Aventurine helps to shield the aura as does Labradorite, helping to shield from unwanted energy draws. The green variety of quartz also is wonderful in assisting to release anxiety much like Rose Quartz and Green Tourmaline.

The blue variety is wonderful for issues with the throat chakra and is wonderful for assisting with addiction and overcoming difficult habits. Blue Aventurine is also wonderful for opening up psychic abilities.

The red is coloured by hematite inclusions and mica making this a wonderful grounding stone and a stone that is useful in assisting with base chakra issues.

We have a wonderful selection of Aventurine in tumbled, wands, pendulums, crystal balls, pendants, hand held Angel forms and we even have one Aventurine crystal skull left!

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