Crystal Healing Stone Of The Week ~ Green Obsidian — 4 Comments

  1. Does anyone know what the white stuff is that sometimes covers green obsidian? I have two pieces that both have the whitish dots on them. I think the name starts with a “P”. thanks

  2. Have a couple good sized pieces of the mint green with what looks like wavelite inclusions.Bought from a collector in the ’80 S.Looks like what you show on your site .He thought they were trinitite.Always wondered.Thanks.

  3. Nice to see your work. There is a guy on ebay now selling green obsidian. He doesn’t call it that, he lists it as probable meteorites and also as unclassified stones or rocks. He is a rock hunter in Artesia,NM. Some of it looks like trinitite but he’s hunting too far away from Alamogordo for it to be that. I bought several large pieces out of curiosity and was surprised to see green obsidian. I’m a carver collector in Woodstock, ny.

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