Crystal Healing Stones Of The Week: Apophyllite

Apophyllite is one of the most complex stones in the mineral kingdom being formed by alternating layers of silicate and potassium, sodium, calcium, fluorine and water in the form of sheets. We call this stone the rescue stone for respiration; a high salt and water content allows for negative ions to be released naturally – much like burning a beeswax candle or a Lampe Berger! When clients need a stone that will aid in breathing we have them breathe in the essence of this beautiful crystal. Just having these powerful stones by the bed or in the room where you sleep may aid in less laboured respiration.

The Apophyllite name comes from the Greek words apa (off) and phyllon (leaf). When Apophyllite is heated it leafs off water (evaporates water into the air). This is also useful for those who wish to awaken their abilities in the realm of Astral Travel as Apophyllite facilitates providing an anchor for the physical body while the Spirit is exploring. The experiences that we have when travelling in the astral plane are imprinted for easy recall at a later date, especially when their recall is brought about by meditation. Apophyllite is one of the best tools for meditation, as it quickly connects you with your Spirit Guides, as well as assisting you to open your Third Eye for deeper channelling and meditative states. Having a high water content, Apophyllite carries the information of the Akashic Records and is a very powerful aid when working with Reiki or other forms of energy work.

So, ring in the New Year with a deep breath…of Apophyllite – and relax or meditate while enjoying the beauty of this gorgeous and magical stone!

At White Flame Company we have a HUGE selection of Apophyllite crystals including natural pyramids, clusters in green and clear with and without stilbite  and even the extremely rare brown form of Apophyllite called Natroapophyllite.

Disclaimer:  In NO way should our Crystal Healing Stones Of The Week be considered a replacement for advice or treatment from medical professionals or other professional health care providers. At White Flame Company we assist you in choosing the stones but we do not prescribe or make medical claims.

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