Dream Interpretation Workshop

Dream Interpretation – Fri. Oct. 14, 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Facilitator: Seika (Website)

DreamcatcherOur dreams are often more complex than they appear on the surface. Your mind uses its own unique symbols and stories to talk to you and share its secrets. The symbols and their meaning come from your life experiences, your beliefs and your wisdom. Dreams are the way your unconscious mind attempts to communicate with your conscious mind.

This workshop will teach you to recognize some of the common symbols that appear in dreams. You will learn how to keep a dream journal, a tool that will help you focus on remembering your dreamscape and the symbols found in it. We will explore dreams to see what secret messages lay within. We will also touch on learning the technique of dream control and how to utilize it for solving problems in your everyday life. You will receive a handout of common symbols, their meanings, recurring themes, and we will analyze a dream during the second part of the workshop.

Cost: $10/pp

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