Exploring The Mysteries ~ The Welsh Pantheon Part 1 ~ Welsh Mythology

Wed April 25th 7 pm Exploring the Mysteries Series ~ The Welsh Pantheon Part 1

Instructor Amy Lou Taylor

An evening of education, exploration, divination and magic.

In this first part of the Welsh Pantheon Series Amy will take us for a journey into the stories of  Blodeuwedd and Lleu.  Blodeuwedd in today’s Welsh language means “owl” so we will start the evening learning about this totem and what the owl meant in Welsh culture.  In ancient Welsh (Middle Welsh) the name Blodeuwedd meant Flowerface we will learn how her affinity with Earth and Nature reflect the true inner nature of ourselves and we will journey, looking inward, into a divination exercise and meditation.

Another part of the evening and relating to Blodeuwedd’s affinity with the earth will be a Broom Blessing.  Spring is here and our famous White Flame Company Healing Herb Brooms will be available for sale that evening, see Animal Totem Brooms based with associations of your favourite animal totems, Goddess Brooms with your chosen deities represented or Angel Wing brooms with herbs that help to connect you with your Guardian Angels…All of these are adorned with crystals, velvet and ancient beauty, are Reiki blessed will be available in different sizes and price ranges for you to purchase and have blessed in a traditional Welsh Broom Blessing Ceremony.

The evening will conclude as a story telling, the story of Blodeuwedd and her husband Lleu. A love story of intrigue, myth and metaphor will be sure to have your interest and your imagination soaring!

Also available that evening from Wales “The Stonehenge Stone”!!  This gemstone is named after the Ancient Mystical site as that is what it is made from…the exact mineral composition from the exact location of the stones of Stonehenge origin.  In ancient times, stones were considered to be holy and magical objects, homes to spirits and the Gods.  In local Welsh legends and folklore it is said that Stonehenge Stone possesses healing and magical powers. Bring home a piece of magic today!

Cost $20.00 includes meditation, divination and broom blessing.  Spaces are limited and will book up quickly.  Call to book 905-385-7251

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