New Fragrances & “Goddess Stones”

At White Flame we pride ourselves on both the quality of our merchandise and the variety!

New fragrances!

  • Sweet William – a floral scent and the featured flower in The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s 2011 bridal bouquet!
  • Patchouli – a subtle, calming scent and cited for it’s medicinal qualities in easing headache, colds, nausea, abdominal pain – even as an insect repellant!

We have just acquired a selection of new books, cards and CDs.

Menilite - The Goddess StoneWe have a few new stones in, but one in particular is very interesting. Opal Menilite is a hard, slightly chalky white stone named after Ménilmontant, near Paris, where it was originally discovered, but also found in Spain, Algeria & Morocco. While it is related to Quartz, it has a totally different formation and is commonly referred to as “The Goddess Stone”. These unique stones form as rounded nodules inside larger rocks and appear similar to ancient carvings of the Mother Goddess – no two are ever the same!

Menilite reminds us of the endlessly recurring cycles of life and is excellent for rebirth and reincarnation and coming to terms with death. This deeply shamanic stone has been used for aeons of time to journey to other realms and carry out metaphysical work. Many of the stones simulate power animals or the ancient fertility goddess and this nurturing stone provides a durable link to the earth mother, taking you back into her womb. It also assists in re-membering your soul. Enhancing divination and forecasting, Menalite is an excellent stone for reconnecting to the wise feminine and to the power of the priestess. It is the perfect stone for conducting the rites of the passage that mark out the transitions through womanhood. [Judy Hall – Author, “The Crystal Bible”]

White Chalcedony aka MerliniteAnother unusual stone we just acquired has an interesting family tree. A form of White Chalcedony containing dendrites, it is a variety of Quartz. Traditionally defined as a fibrous cryptocrystalline variety of Quartz, more recently, it has been shown that much Chalcedony is a mixture of Quartz and Mogánite, another silica mineral. When it is concentrically banded (often in rather wild patterns, like Tiger Eye) it is called by the subvariety name Agate. When it is in flat layers/bands it is called by the subvariety name Onyx. Found worldwide – as far north as Baffin Island, Canada and as far south as Argentina & Australia it is often referred to as “Merlinite”.

Merlinite is a magical stone that holds the imprint of the combined knowledge of shamans, alchemists, magician-priests and other workers of magic. Its dual colouring blends the spiritual and earthly vibrations together, giving access to the spiritual and shamanic realms. This stone supports during shamanic practices or magical ritual. It aids reading the Akashic record, inducing travel into past or future lives to gain insight on how to live life in the future. [Judy Hall – Author, “The Crystal Bible”]

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