*FREE* Crystal Healing Night At White Flame Company Hamilton

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 7-8pm
Crystal Healing For Reducing Anxiety and StressGreen Eyed Raven 4

Join Master Healer Rhonda Pavlovich in this informative workshop on healing stress and anxiety with crystals!  Our focus will be on different ways to use crystals and gemstones to reduce the anxiety and stress in your daily lives as well as treating specific conditions like OCD, PTSD and phobias.  Crystal Healing is a great compliment to traditional medicine and can help everyone with varying degrees of success.  Don’t miss out on this great night!  This is a *FREE* class but you must reserve your space.  Sign up on our event page on Facebook on the “Green Eyed Raven” Fanpage or if you are not a Facebook user text 905 870 6500 to reserve.

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