The Future In The Palm Of Your Hand

Saturday, November 17th 10am ~ 7:30pm    A Day With Alan Annand
10am – 6pm Palmistry Readings followed by 6pm Workshop on Introduction to Palmistry

We have another famous local author Alan Annand, author of Scorpio Rising, Hide In Plain Sight and Out Of Harm’s Way. Alan is an instructor of Palmistry and Vedic Astrology. He will be offering Palmistry readings on Saturday November 17th from 10am to 6 pm (call to register these will be offered to our meetup group for only $50.00)

Scorpio Rising does for astrology what The Da Vinci Code did for art history. The rapid pace and constant suspense will please thriller fans, and if you enjoy a good crime story with a protagonist who gives you a unique glimpse into a specialized field, then this book is for you.” ~ Suite101 Book Reviews

Alan Annand is an astrologer with 30 years experience consulting and teaching. After graduating from the British Faculty of Astrological Studies, where he specialized in relationship and career analysis, he subsequently served as the Faculty’s North American tutor for five years, with students across Canada, USA & Mexico.

He was co-founder of the Astrological Society of Montreal, and for several years was their President, principal teacher and media rep. During this time he was also a speaker at national conferences.

He later went on to study Vedic astrology and palmistry in New Mexico and California, and was subsequently certified by the American College of Vedic Astrologers. He currently maintains a practice as astrologer and palmist in Toronto, with frequent visits to Montreal, and distance consultations with clients throughout North America and Europe.


  • Diploma, British Faculty of Astrological Studies
  • Diploma, American College of Vedic Astrologers

The day’s readings will be followed an exciting workshop, The Introduction To Palmistry.
Cost for this workshop is $25.00 and must be pre-paid and preregistered.

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