Girl’s Night Out!! Fun ~ Prizes~ Raffles~Refreshments~Readings~Reiki

July 17th 2013 The Night All Girls Wait For!
Come out for the fun starting at 6pm as Girl’s Night Out returns after a whole year!!

This year Girl’s Night Out will be a special event!!  As always there is refreshments, fun and prizes…different women representing different cool companies and projects…all the great things that make us full year after year.  This year however you can book for readings, reiki and energy work healing sessions with 100% of the fee for services going to support a great girl…it’s all about us girls right?

Well this year, there will be raffles and things to purchase that 100% of the funds will go to support TiaTiana Traficante, a 19 year aspiring vocalist from Hamilton. Tiana has been performing for her community since she was 9 years old and has a huge performance record.  Tiana , although blessed with an amazing voice, has had to overcome many struggles in her life and it is through those experiences she has grown as a artist and has been accepted to the prestigious Berkeley College of Music in Boston Massachuetts where she is pursuing a degree in Performance.

Tiana has dedicated herself to helping others and volunteer s her voice wherever needed performing for many fundraisers, including from Hamilton to Haiti, A.C.C.P.I,  Avery’s Tia 2Journey,  and Its Your Festival.  Tiana has also volunteered her time mentoring young women who are interested in the arts.  Her mature commitment to success along with her desire to be involved has made her a role model for children. She advocates that it doesn’t matter where you start but rather where you finish that determines your success. Growing up in Oriole crescent has made Tiana more aware of the need for positive reinforcement for our youth as well as facilities where kids can go and enjoy music and not be inhibited by cost…your support of this great event will see Tiana back for another year of Ivy League education for which we are so proud of her!!  A great night…a great time…do not miss it!!We will be updating with coming vendors, prize photos and how to book for readings, reiki and healing sessions.  This event is for Girls only…however we do not wish to discriminate so MEN will be allowed to attend *provided they wear a coconut bra and grass skirt*.Hope to see you there!!!! Keep watching for more updates!!! Call to register!  This event is *FREE* to women and men *if they are wearing the prerequsitite grass skirt and coconut bra*
Call 905 385 7251 today!

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