Happy New Year !

And don’t forget the Bayberry Candles from White Flame Company!

The first settlers on our shores found Bayberry bushes and used the berries to scent the candles they made from tallow – animal fat.  It did not take long before they discovered that bayberries, when boiled, give off an oily residue and this waxy oil would rise to the surface of the water.  this would be skimmed and saved to make candles.  It took a great deal of berries to make just a few candles so they were treasured and only used on special occasions. This also began the long tradition of bayberry being associated with prosperity and wealth.   It became tradition to burn the Bayberry candles on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve to bring blessings of abundance in the coming year.

Light your bayberry candle on New Years Eve, or all throughout the beginning of the new year, and continue …“The Legend Of The Bayberry”  Why not burn one every day?  Manifest prosperity THIS year!

New Years is a time for new beginnings!  Our amazing REAL Bayberry Wax candles bring good luck to your home for the coming year!  Burn on New Years Eve and New Years Day and the month of January for prosperity in the coming year!  Available now starting at just $1.25.

Join us in the New Year for amazing new classes, workshops…some exciting renovations and expansions coming as well to make your shopping experience even more amazing!

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