Holiday Garnet Collection ~ Romance For The Season

Now in stock…beautiful Garnet jewelry, raw stones and tumbled garnetcrystals.

Holiday Romance Garnet Collection. A stone with a deep history steeped in romance. A stone of deep passion, true friendship, loyalty, faith and consistency this is the perfect stone to symbolize the pairing of soulmates. Garnet is the stone of love and devotion. In the past garnets were exchanged as an ancient symbol of friendship, parting friends would use this stone to symbolize their affection and garnet 2to ensure that they meet again. Women would set garnets in their knights armour to keep them safe as it was believed if you have a garnet with you, you can come to no physical harm. It is a beautiful stone that heals depression, promotes self confidence and brings courage where it seems there is no way out. Garnet can aid in finding true lovers. This crimson beauty is the perfect Holiday gift for yourself of for someone you love… collection priced $39.00 to $495.00 quantities are limited.

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