Huge Crystal Skull and Tumbled Stone Sale This weekend ONLY!

Saturday 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday 12:00pm to 4:00 pm
Cash and carry sale!!skulls

Almost a thousand crystal skulls are on sale!  Largest collection!  HUGE SALE!!! Hundreds of tumbled stones from just $1.00 Please free to share this event and invite your Crystal Loving friends!!! This sale is on ALL tumbled stones and ALL crystal skulls in the event room! This is ALL NEW STOCK!! Exciting? You bet!!! Great deals for kids who love stones from $1.00!!!!!! ALL items in the event room are CASH and CARRY ONLY!!!

Crystal Skulls are a reflection of the perfection in mankind. They are ancient computers, programmed helpers which have answers fitted tidily within them to many of your trepidation, puzzles and questions. They represent healing and transformation and despite some people’s initial reluctance to work with a skull shaped crystal (media, television programming) we often are intrigued and then when educated on their incredible positive energy ~ we become a Crystal Skull fan!

Working with crystal skulls you become aware almost immediately that this is a powerful and high calling of energies. In actual fact, a crystal skull is often more likely to find and choose you!

When choosing crystals, most people, will hold them in the hand to feel whether the energy of the stone resonates. The same works for skulls but it goes deeper than that. You can see a skull, either in person or in a picture, and know instantly in your soul that it is the one meant for you. You may also receive messages from the skull, or signs or synchronicity telling you something, You may also feel strongly drawn to working with a particular crystal and want to have it carved in skull form.


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  1. Hello from Nova Scotia! Wondering if you wholesale at all? I have a home based Crystal shop and Reiki,practice,
    I am also interested in acquiring a crystal dragon skull,, any info will be greatly appreciated, thank you.
    KAthy squires

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