1. I would love to get a salt lamp but do not live in Hamilton. My parents do though and you happen to know them (Judy and Tim/Helmut) I’m sure something could be arranged that one is picked up by them for me, though I would love to come back to the store. You can always get me on Facebook too!!
    Just let me know, I will talk to them about it.
    Thanks so much!!!
    Edith (Edi) Strader

  2. I am interested in the salt lamps, they sound great, hopefully you can add me to your order list please

  3. I have been looking for salt lamps. I just read your sold out post but was happy to see you are getting more. Can I place an order? I read above it would be about a month before you received your next shipment of amazingly priced salt lamps. I would love to get in on that deal of the year!!
    Please let me know what I need to do to be in :0)

    Kathleen Prince

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