Our first sale  SOLD OUT!  Thank you to everyone who came out and got awesome deals, for those who texted the line up was too long we have taken care of you needs…the NEW lamps are here!!!  Cords and bulbs included !!  Get them now of our crazy low priced lamps..!!!! So if you missed out and didn’t brave the heat you can get whatever you want at the amazing prices starting as low as $20.00!!

I am blessed and grateful…so thank you everyone and again sorry for the line ups and waiting this will not happen this time as we have extended our sale over a WHOLE WEEK!!

lampsHuge selection of the finest quality salt lamps starting at just $20.00!  Also a huge selection of natural salt bars perfect for you Essential Oils reps who want to create your own deodorant bars all from 100% highest grade Himalayan salt containing 94 minerals essential to your body! 

This sale is CASH and CARRY…see you soon!




  1. I would love to get a salt lamp but do not live in Hamilton. My parents do though and you happen to know them (Judy and Tim/Helmut) I’m sure something could be arranged that one is picked up by them for me, though I would love to come back to the store. You can always get me on Facebook too!!
    Just let me know, I will talk to them about it.
    Thanks so much!!!
    Edith (Edi) Strader

  2. I am interested in the salt lamps, they sound great, hopefully you can add me to your order list please

  3. I have been looking for salt lamps. I just read your sold out post but was happy to see you are getting more. Can I place an order? I read above it would be about a month before you received your next shipment of amazingly priced salt lamps. I would love to get in on that deal of the year!!
    Please let me know what I need to do to be in :0)

    Kathleen Prince

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