Lampe Berger ~ A Wonderful Gift For The Holidays!

LAMPE BERGER, more than a century of innovation

The air is even more pleasant when, like Lampe Berger, you are celebrating 110 years of innovation.  The first Lampe Berger lamp  was created in 1898 by Maurice Berger, a pharmacy dispenser, to purify the air in hospital wards.

1930: Fragrance began to provide a pleasurable dimension; the taste for beautiful objects also reached its peak and the Lampe Berger lamp became a collector’s item.


Jean Cocteau and Pablo Picasso were the first “well-known people” to appreciate it.


Then came innovations concerning the exploration of materials like porcelain and a widening of the range to make Lampe Berger accessible to all. A new direction  was given at the beginning of LAMPE BERGER 3the 1980s with a fruitful cooperation with designers, who conveyed a modern touch.

In 1996 the company became structured: a Research and Development department was created in order to continue to improve product performance. Since that date, innovations have been continuous and are systematically patented worldwide, in more than 20 countries.

Well-being and pleasure in the home

Feeling good at home contributes to our day-to-day well-being.  Lampe Berger makes it possible LAMPE BERGERto improve air quality and to fragrance it. In this way it contributes to the creation of a pleasant olfactory environment.
To benefit fully from this well being, there are 3 simple steps:

1. Lampe Berger recommends the essentials for improving the quality of interior air:
> Air living rooms regularly (at home and also in the office) in order to renew the interior air
> Vacuum frequently, particularly if you have rugs or fitted carpets
> Keep surfaces dust-free
> Avoid smoking in the home
> Have boilers serviced annually
> Regularly clean all vents and ventilation grilles, and all the heating or ventilation system filtersLAMPE BERGER 2
> Do not overheat the house. The temperature usually recommended is 66°F.
> Using deodorizers is not an exemption from following good hygiene practices.
2. Eliminate unpleasant odors, tobacco, cooking etc.
Evaluate the olfactory well-being of your living environment: we invite you to perform the “Air Diagnosis” available on our website.
3. Perfume the house with the home fragrance of your choice.
Cleaner, perfumed air in the home
LAMPE BERGER, the leader in innovations for air care, cleans the room air by destroying unwanted odors and providing long-lasting fragrance, due to its exclusive diffusion system.

By eliminating unpleasant smelling molecules (tobacco, cooking, etc.), LAMPE BERGER cleans the interior air in your home.

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