Love Is In The Air – A Valentine’s Day Divination Event

Bring your special someone out to experience a fun and informative evening of couples divination with White Flame Company.

Sip on some herbal “Love Potion” tea and relax for a magical evening. In this unique event you and your Love will receive two intuitive readings just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Find out all of the great things coming up in your future and grow closer together as you learn the things that work for you, your similarities and your experiences.  Find out if you have the same guides connecting you…and if you do what messages do they have for you on your road d’amour.

Included in evening’s pricing are Love Potion herbal tea and yummy Victorian Love Cookies.  Readings are done by both Rhonda Pavlovich, Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Gypsy Seika, Intuitive Medium and Dream Interpreter. Readings are 15 minutes with each reader.  Pricing is for based on two readings per couple.

Cost $30.00 per couple.  Call to register spaces are limited.                                  Monday February 13th, 6-9pm

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