Mantra Meditation Walking Group

February 27th, 2012 6pm    Weather permitting ~ Inclement weather date TBA

This is the first of the “off site” White Flame Company activities to take place.  We will be meeting outside Hutch’s Restaurant at Confederation Park in Hamilton and commencing a series of spiritually themed walking nights.

The first walking night will be a Mantra Meditation Walk.

At White Flame Company we like to unite body/mind/spirit in a wholistic approach to spirituality.  Learning new techniques for healing is our passion.

The Mantra Meditation Walk will be a great activity for those wishing to meet up with like minded people with the common goals to reduce stress, connect with spirituality, improve fitness, aid in weight loss and find ways of meditating that suit individual needs and lifestyles.

The word mantra is said to come from a root meaning “that which protects the mind.”

In Buddhist meditation, many things can be used as objects of concentration — as “mind protectors.”   Mantras are sounds — words or phrases — that are used as an object of concentration.  The sounds may be chanted out loud, or may be heard internally.  When the mantra is chanted internally, it is the “inner sound” of the thought that is used as an object of focus in meditation.  When the mantra is chanted out loud, the sound of the mantra is a focus for attention, although we may also focus on the vibrations in the body, and the movements of the body — the breathing, the lips, tongue, etc.

Mantra chanting can be a group activity. It may be done as a formal meditation practice and be chanted while walking in a group. The sensations of walking are used in walking meditation in combination with the mantra vibrational energy.

Come out with us and explore this great way to connect with others and to expand your horizons!

Call to confirm 905-385-7251

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