Mardi Gras Magic


This is the first part of a series of workshops we will be offering on different Spiritual Traditions, Shamanic Customs and Magical Practices from around the globe.

Join us on a night at the height of Mardi Gras!  Come and learn about the beauty and healing powers of the Voodoo tradition.

Find out how and why Catholic Saints and Christian Iconography are infused in the practices, the legacy of the Native American Spirits and Animal Totems, as well as the Underground Railroad and its ties to Voodoo will all be discussed.

See some of the tools and sacred objects and learn from Utu, a practitioner of the North American Voodoo tradition as he discusses and demonstrates the practices of one of last spiritual traditions that still suffers from the negative images and stereotypes thanks to Hollywood.

This will be a night where we will leave with a definite sense and truth about a religion that is practised by millions around the globe. 

Thursday, February 16th, 7pm

Instructor: Utu

Cost $20.00 Spaces are very limited and this workshop will sell out.  Please call or come in to prepay this fabulous and magical evening!

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