Meditation & Manifestation With Crystals

Sunday, April 21st  7pm  Cost $20.00

Do you want to get increased focus and clarity from your meditations? Do you have difficulty meditating ?  Do you want to learn which crystals will heighten your meditation and manifestation experiences?  This is the class for you!

In this evening workshop we will focus on stone layouts to increase your ability to focus and concentrate, touching briefly on some combinations that can aid in astral travel and remote viewing. We will discuss the different shapes and styles of crystals formations and which ones specifically are geared to increasing retention and focus.  We will touch on the use of Crystal Skulls, their history, lore Crystal Seagrass Skulland healing powers.

The evening will end off with a guided meditation using the different crystals we have worked with in the evening.

Spaces are limited, must register in advance.  Text 905-870-6500 or contact Rhonda on Facebook.

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